Representation of Interests

The student council not only organises events but also takes part in very diverse panels of our faculty. Usually there are only a few seats for students in total. But as there is a huge amount of panels and each representative also has a proxy, we are always in need of help. The different matters these panels are concerned with are usually not publicly or commonly known to students. If one only stands on the sideline, one normally does not know, what is discussed and decided on those panels. But actually, there are decisions made that have an impact on every single math student's studies:

  • Students took part in developing and enforcing strategies against fast exmatriculations on the examination panel.
  • The faculty council decided against an introduction of the examination rules called „Prüfungsorganisationsordnung“ advocated by an adminstrative panel of university. It would have constrained making specific regulations for mathematics.
  • The panel called „Studienbeirat“ works on our faculty's level. It approves new Bachelor and Master programs and examination rules.

Here we would like to shortly present some of the bigger or more important panels to you.
Generally, every math student can be a member of any of these panels. Sometimes there are restrictions, that a student needs to be enrolled in a specific program (e.g. Bachelor or Master program) or a sound background in a certain area of mathematics is advisable. In general there will be always a panel, which meets someone's interests. If you, too, would like to have a voice and bring in your own ideas, you are very welcomed! Just show up at the consultation hours (AWD) or at a meeting of the student council (every Wednesday at 6pm ct, room N0.002). Don't be shy, we are happy about anybody who breaths new life in our work!

Examination Board
The examination board is led by Professor Schröer at the moment. The panel consists of six professors, one research assistant, one bachelor and one master student. They deal with all matters concerning examination rules.
The PA (PrüfungsAusschuss, German for examination board) discusses and decides on proposals like hardship cases. As a representative of the student body one has the responsibility of explaining the formal applications to the professors from a student perspective in order to ensure a fair decision.
Furthemore, the PA is the right place for constructive criticism of the examination rules. For example, it has taken care of the implementation of the students' idea to allow Master students to take several foundations before deciding which to include for their final credits.
Here you can find who is currently representing you on the panel. These repesentatives are always open for your wishes and suggestions. If you do not know them personally simply contact them via email. They will be very interested in your input.

The Department of Mathematics (Fachgruppe Mathematik) coordinates teaching and research in mathematics within the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Bonn. The Fachkommission is the panel which decides and discusses matters concerning the Department of Mathematics. Currently the Fachkommission is led by Prof. Christoph Thiele. The Department of mathematics consists of the Mathematical Insitute (MI), the Institute for Applied Mathematics (IAM) and the Institute of Numerical Simulation (INS).
All professors of these institutes are members of the Fachkommission.
Furthermore the professors of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics (DM) are also members of the Fachkommission although not officially part of the Department of Mathematics, as this institute is independent of the faculty.
Further members are the directors of the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics (MPI), elected members of scientific staff (who are not professors) and student representatives (appointed by the FSV ).
All issues concerning the department of mathematics are discussed here or forwarded to panels appointed by the Fachkommission. The Fachkommission elects the members of the examination board, appointment committees and many more.

Every year the university receives funds from the state to increase the quality of teaching. These funds are called Qualitätsverbesserungsmittel (QVM) (this roughly translates to resources for improvement). A certain amount of these funds is given to the Department of Mathematics. To allocate these funds, there is a panel (“QVM-Vergabegremium”) consisting of four student members and four non-student members.
At the moment these funds are mostly used for:

  • more tutors: The exercise-cardinality is reduced to average 18 per exercise group and teaching assistants are employed for higher lecture coures.
  • Partial financing of the Bachelor-Master-Office: it has longer office hours and many consulting possibilities.
  • Software- licenses: Mathematica and Dreamspark can by used for free by Bonn math students.
  • Printing and Copying is free for math students in the library of mathematics, which longer opening hourse are also funded from these resources
  • Courses like the “ Programmiervorkurs” (programming course), revision courses (for Bachelor students) and the LaTeX-course.
  • grants for books and travel of 500€ (the application you can find on this page.