Opening Hours:
During lecture period
Monday to Thursday 12- (c.t.)

Semester break
Dienstag und Donnerstag jeweils 12-14 o'clock (c.t)

Christmas Break

Pentecost Break

The AWD takes place in room N0.001 (commonly known as "Fachschaftsbüro"), Endenicher Allee 60.

What does the AWD do?
AWD stands for "Anwesentheitsdienst" which can be freely translated to presence service
Consulting for students
If you have problems of any kind with your studies and you don't know whom to turn to, you can always contact the Fachschaft either via Email or during the AWD. If you contact us, we do our best to help you out or refer you to a more suitable advisor. If you want, we can always treat your problem discretely or keep your complaints anonymous.
On top of that, the AWD can inform you about several events and courses both offered by the Fachschaft and the university.
We always try our best to represent the students whenever we are asked to do so, but we can only handle problems we are informed about, so do not hesitate to make contact!
The AWD is usually held by at least one experienced student, who can offer his expertise and advice. From time to time you are also offered a cookie :-)

Rental of past exams and oral examination protocols
The student council offers a wide range of past exams especially for lecture courses taken at the beginning of the Bachelor program. You can leave your ID as collateral, while you copy or scan the exams for your own use.
For the rental of oral examination protocols you have to proceed differently

  • pay 10 Euro to get access for 12 months or draft one of your own once
  • for any rental we need a collateral to assure the rented exams come back the same day. Therefore the rental is possible up to half an hour before the AWD closes

We appreciate new oral examination protocols and reward them with 10 Euro each. Additionally, there are some bachelor and master theses to look in to, sometimes even there tex-files.