Online Notice Board

Usually, you can find job ads and other information on our notice boards – due to Corona we can't post things there and if we did, you wouldn't be able to get into the annex to read them. However, people are still sending things to us that we want to share with you. From now on you can find them on this page. On the german website you can find some more posts that require fluent german language.

Disclaimer: We as the student council do not support unconditionally everything you can find on this site.  As on the notice boards in the annex, we do post everything, that could be relevant for some of our students, and is not against law, constitution or the like.

Fachschaft Meetings

  • FSV: May 28th, 6.15pm
  • FSR: June 16th, 6.15pm

Employment Ads

Surveys & Studies

  • Three students from the Universitys of Jena and Erfurt are looking for participants for their survey on studying during the COVID-19 pandemic and on student health. The results will be used to improve the study situation. Find more information here.


  • The TRA 6 organizes the Distinguished Lecturers Series “Innovation Pathways to Sustainability” which offers a forum to high profile and internationally visible scientists who are active in academia or at the science-policy interface. Find more information here.
  • The Local Committee Bonn of the IAESTE (International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) is looking for students who want to participate. Find more information here.