Microsoft Student: Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

What is Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?

The "Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" - program is a free program for students and employees of the department of mathematics.
It includes a lot of free Software normal working and coding:

  • Windows 10/Server
  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Basic/C++/C#
  • Access
  • SQL Server
  • Azure Cloud Startkontingent
  • and many more

But not included is Microsoft Office!


Who is allowed to use Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?

All members of the department of mathematics like students or employees and subsidiary students.


How can I register to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching?

Please visit Microsoft's Azure Dev Tools for Teaching registration site!
Or take a look at the description of our colleagues from the department of computer science.


Im registered - what should I do next?

The user interface is well structured and intuitive. Go to the product you want to download in the catalogue and follow the instructions on the page.

  • The software is intended only for you and shouldn't be shared. Other authorised users must obtain the software via their own account.
  • You may only use the software for non-commercial purposes. Use for private and research purposes is permitted.
  • If your right of use expires (for example, because you have finished your studies), you may continue to use the software, but you may no longer obtain updates.

Have fun!