Computer Rental

The current summer semester is a hybrid semester – still some courses take place digitally. But for this you need a computer. You don't have one or yours doesn't work? Then you've come to the right place!

Studying at home and the associated switch to technical alternatives to the good old blackboard presents many of us with unusual challenges. One problem can be that you don't have your own PC to stream lectures or write your thesis. If you find yourself in such a situation, open your mouth. We will help you!

As long as the CIP pools have to remain closed, we as the student council are allowed to lend the computers to students. At this point a big "Thank you" to the IAM for the constructive cooperation! You can find out about the exact conditions of the loan in this sample version of the contract. The loan contract is concluded in German. However, we will gladly answer all your questions! Further questions will be answered as soon as we are in contact.

Important: The loan is free of charge. However, a deposit must be paid. Just write an e-mail to describing your situation and we will take care of your computer problem! Alternatively, you can also use this form.

Since last semester we also offer webcams and headsets for rental!