In this section we want to introduce you to software that you might need to use in your studies.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly also Imagine, MSDNAA or Dreamspark) is a partnership program offered by Microsoft for students. Students and employees are provided with most Microsoft products completely free of charge. Here you can find further information.


Sometimes the software Mathematica is used in your studies. This is a software for calculating analytical and sometimes numerical mathematical problems.



This software of the company Mathworks developed software MATLAB is a solution much used in the industry, in order to compute numerical mathematical problems. On their website you can purchase the software, but alternatively you can use the open source variant Octave. This uses the same syntax and is therefore a very good substitute.


Word processing

From school you probably know that texts are created with Word and presentations with Powerpoint. In mathematics these two programs are not that important anymore. If you definitely still want to use an easy to use program with similar software, then we recommend LibreOffice, but by default we recommend LaTeX.



In Bonn, programming is done almost exclusively in C/C++ and recently also in Python. There is always a two-week preliminary course before the winter semester in Python or C/C++. Please watch out for the announcements of the student council and the institutes.



Especially in the teaching profession, but also in some cases in the subject studies, it can be helpful to be able to plot functions and three-dimensional representations. For this purpose the software GeoGebra can be used. In the teaching program you have to take a course during the Grundzüge module in the second semester.