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Semester Plan Summer Semester 24

This is our plan for the events taking place this summer semester. Please note that this is not yet a finalised plan, there might still be some changes.


These events took various forms – for example, doing sports together, Speedfriending to meet new people over a glass of fizzy drink (Brause), or just relaxing and playing a few rounds of Skribbl or Jackbox. Now, we are looking forward to lots of events in person. Stay tuned!


There are cocktails. And we have fun. There are also non-alcoholic cocktails.

Game Night:

Almost everywhere games are played. But no one would like to play a game alone. Therefore we introduced the board game night. Here you have the possibility to play all kinds of board and card games, for example Doppelkopf, Wizard or Tichu. On the other hand you can try new games or just meet up with people to have a fun time alongside beer and softdrinks.

Karaoke Night:

Imagine a Game Night. But there's one room where strange noises come from - inside a karaoke machine and singing math students. Enjoy singing your favorite song or watch other people doing this, it's always a lot of fun. If you don´t want to sing, you can play games. There are also drinks at cost.


Sometimes we organise a math prom for you. It took place in the Stadthalle in Bad Godesberg which is well reachable by public transportation in Bonn. The prom officially begins at 8pm. There will be songs played for all standard- and latin dances in a nice mixture, in between there are songs to dance a fancy disco fox. Beforehand you are invited to improve your dancing skills or learn new steps in an one-hour dancing lesson for beginners. In between you can have some snacks or get a drink at our bar. If you like you can just sit around and have some nice talks or dance all the time, it's your choice! To establish the special atmosphere of a prom we ask you to suit up. Everyone is welcome, it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a master of dancing!


Once in a semester we organise a math party. It takes place in the N8Schicht ('night turn'). The party starts at 10pm and lasts until the first birds sing their songs. You will get a free welcome shot as long as you are not too late, so hurry up and join the party!

(Online) Pub Quiz

At the moment in person, but it took place online regularly. A pub quiz is a certain type of quiz. It is played in teams. There are picture rounds, where you have to answer questions about pictures, music rounds, where you have to guess the title and artist based on short song excerpts, and question rounds, where you have to prove your active knowledge in very different areas.

Summer Festival

Barbecues on the MZ lawn are officially forbidden. With one exception: the summer party. Organised by the student council and the institutes, we invite you to the summer festival before the end of the summer semester. Salads are served and and there are grills which can be used. There will be a picnic on the lawn behind the MZ and a chat over ice-cold drinks.

Tea Time with Women in Mathematics

Tea Time is an opportunity to have a cup of tea and talk to female speakers with diverse experiences and study histories, and to network with other women in STEM fields. All people who are female, intersex, non-binary, trans* or agender are invited. The event is organised by the Hausdorff Center and the Commitee for Equality and Diversity.

Trinerdic Tournament

The students of which subject actually have the most (useless) general knowledge? Together with Math Students, Students of computer science and physics are measured against each other in different categories. And there is always something to eat.

Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho - shortly before Christmas, we are organising a Christmas party in cooperation with the institutes. There will be fancy Santa hats, soup, mulled wine and biscuits. The evening will be accompanied by Christmas music - played over speakers as well as live contributions from lecturers and students. Registration is required for the event and a small participation fee will be charged to cover the cost of the soup.


The WaCE (Wine and Cheese Evening) is our most popular event. We meet a few times in each semester to spend a nice evening with many math students from all semesters. We serve free French Bread, several sorts of cheese and spread, and grapes. Moreover, we have a variety of wine which you can buy at cost price, although you can bring wine and cheese of your own choice as well. Since we are able to use more than one room of the annex you can choose whether you would like to play a game or just sit around, listen to music or talk to other students and make new contacts. During the Christmas season, a very special WaCE takes place: The Mulled-WaCE. To ring in the Christmas season, there is mulled wine and biscuits instead of wine and cheese that evening.