Residence Halls

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The student services (StwB) currently provides a lot of residence halls with spots for students and student couples. Additionally there are diverse denominational or independent residence halls. More information on those can be found here.

The StwB is publishing a coloured prospectus in which the individual residence halls are introduced. Be warned though, that not everything is bound to be just as beautiful as presented in the brochure. Better criteria are provided by the attached register of room size, mode of residence, rent, etc. There are appartments furnished with kitchenettes and bathrooms, and rooms with common kitchens and bathrooms. Some residence halls provide parking slots. Residence duration is limited to six semesters (average) and can normally not be extended. Extention of residence duration can sometimes be achieved by undertaking certain "admin. functions" in the residence hall.

Some residence halls are divided into small independent communities, in others the groups are bigger. Furniture does vary between residence halls. Therefore you should (if possible) check out your preferred residence in beforehand.

Those still looking for a room in Bonn have got three possibillities of which the first one is propably the most promising.

  1. Checking out the private housing market, where the StwB or the AStA room agency will help. There are also offers at numerous notice boards in canteens, cafeterias and institutes.
  2. Applying for a denominational or independent residence hall (if possible in time).

The regular tombola of residence hall spots of the StwB takes place in September (for the winter semester) and March(for the summer semester). Application forms are available at the StwB. Here you should also indicate as many residence halls as possible. The rooms are distributed in order of the drawn numbers, freshmen are favoured.

There are special regulations for foreigners regarding the distribution of residence hall spots by the StwB.

Questions are to be asked at

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