Awesome that you want to join us! You are not quite sure? As you are on this page already, you might as well read on.

We basically try to improve the study conditions for math students. If you have any suggestions on how to do so, you are welcome to come by on Wednesdays 18 (c.t.) in the annex of the Centre of Mathematics to the meeting of the FSR. There we discuss all proposals (including yours), current projects and events and many other things. You can also come, if you want to help out or to inform yourself about the work done in this panel.
We organise and plan events, collect old exams, represent the math students officially in the Department of Mathematics and faculty for natural sciences and mathematics, and do plenty other things-
Did you, for example, ever asked yourself who actually pays for the free printing? This is paid for by QVM (Quality-Improvement Funds). This is money given by the federal state to the department of mathematics and student representative really have a vote on the allocation of these funds. They are also used to keep the exercise groups in a reasonable size, as well as books, programming courses, revision courses, travel grants and many other things.
For this panel and many more we always need interested people to sensibly fill the seats for student representatives. The students to do so, are appointed on the meetings on wednesdays.

You prefer to contribute to the events? Awesome, we always need help, no matter whether you drape cheese on the table for the wine and cheese evening, decorate the math prom or even take responsibility for a whole event. Legends relate that this is really fun when you do it with other motivated volunteers.

If you are convinced, come to the meeting! Wednesday 18 (c.t.).
Otherwise, you definitely have to come.
See you Wednesday and best regards,
the Fachschaft